End of Fringe Round Up!

We had a fantastic run at the Fringe Festival this year with Gilded Balloon leaving both audience members and critics with great things to say!

**** Reviews from critics at The Scotsman; The List; Edinburgh Guide and more!

Check out the following links for some of our top reviews:

Joyce McMillan – The Scotsman 

Irene Brown – Edinburgh Guide

Arusa Qureshi – The List

Catherine Meek – Fringe Guru

Some of our audience reviews below:

“Great piece of theatre. Thought-provoking, funny. Clever script. Great acting. 5 stars” – Kirsty R

“An incredibly powerful show…” – Paul Shank

“One of the best shows at the Fringe. A thought-provoking, often disturbing look at the value we place on getting older and the cost of looking after us.” – Peter Doherty

“I can’t stress how incredibly well put-together this production is. The characters are real, memorable, and each of them broken. The story is intelligent and focussed, not making the mistake of trying to explain too much in too little time.” – Jonathon Holt

“Really good. A sad, wry commentary on death of welfare state.” – Stewart Kirkpatrick

If you have any questions on the future of Assessment please don’t hesitate to get in touch! IMG_4537.jpg

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